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Workshop 2013

Workshop Booking Enquiries

Workshop booking enquiries and issues related to Workshop Booking only.

Check FAQ for possible answers, failing this contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does workshop online booking open?

From 1st September 2023 and closing one week before the event starts.

What can I do if workshop online booking has ended?

Tickets for Workshops sell out fast so you are encouraged to book online and not leave it to purchase at the Show; spare workshop tickets will be available for sale at the FRONT DESK in the main foyer, not from the Eclipse Pavilion.

Do I need my membership number to book a place on a workshop?

NO, the booking system will not ask for this. Attending workshops is one of the benefits for National Honey Show members.

What if I didn't get the booking confirmed by email?

Check your SPAM or JUNK folders on your email account. You can login to TicketSource and check your account and print e-Tickets out from there.

I have booked a workshop, do I go direct or via workshop reception?

If you check your ticket for the room number you can head straight there without passing through workshop reception.

What are the ticket delivery options?

The selected ticket delivery options are available for customers to choose when booking by PayPal, credit or debit card.
1. E-Ticket: £0.00.
Tickets are available to print upon completion of the booking.
2. Mobile ticket: £0.50
TicketSource will send customers' ticket to their mobile phone
3. Standard post (tickets): £1.50
TicketSource will send your tickets by standard post to the billing address. Please note: this option is not available less than 96 hours before an event is due to start

The workshop was fully booked, can you add my name to the waiting list (waitlist)?

NO, there is no waitlist system with TicketSource.

Can I make a booking for somebody else?

YES, add those names to the booking.

Why are some tickets limited to three per order?

Most workshops allow a maximum of three tickets per workshop on the one order. This is because spaces for poplar workshops are limited. It would be unfair for a single person/association to make a bulk booking for all the tickets. If you want more tickets (within reason) you can make another purchase.

For personal reasons I'm unable to attend the workshop I booked, can I cancel rather than waste a place?

YES, If you make a booking and find you are unable to attend, you can make a request to cancel using the email address below. Please do this as soon as possible (before the 10th October 2023) in order to free up the place for others.

I'm a National Honey Show member can you explain the workshop booking fee?

Please read the Schedule or Workshop Booking.

Why are some of the workshops costing more than the booking fee?

The extra charges cover the cost of materials supplied.

I don't trust paying over the Internet or own a credit/debit card, can I send a cheque or pay at the show?

NO, the booking system is fully automated using TicketSource.

I'm travelling at the moment, can you reserve a place on a workshop for me?

NO, The National Honey Show volunteer staff have no way to reserve or book on your behalf.

Please make sure you are contacting the right person to avoid delays in answering enquiries.

Contact Details

Workshop helpline: 05603647018
Leave a message and we will ring you back.


Please note

National Honey Show volunteers will respond to emails within a reasonable time. Your understanding in these matters will be appreciated.

Email transmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, or contain viruses.

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Workshop 2013