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National Honey Show

Schedule cover 2022

Download Schedule

Members of the National Honey Show will receive their A5 schedules (or download) as one of the benefits of Membership.

The new schedule will be posted out to members late August 2022 unless you have opted out.


Classes Only
Download [304KB PDF] the 38 page 2022 Show Schedule of Classes. Updated 02/07/22.

Special Entry Classes for Younger Beekeepers 2022
Download [1MB PDF] We invite our talented younger beekeepers and bee supporters to enter the wide range of exciting classes in the show. These classes make a fantastic display that visitors always love to see. They will be featured on social media for the entire world to admire.

Entry Forms

Download the entry forms

National Honey Show entry forms must be returned, together with the total remittance or pay by BACS and sent to theĀ Entries Secretary, Mrs J Tinsey, 1 Old School Cottages, Etling Green, Dereham, Norfolk. NR20 3EU.

PDF Version
Print and use the postal service.
Not available until August

Excel Version
Makes all the calculations for you!
Not available until August

Instructions: To use this work sheet you will need Microsoft Office/365 installed on your Window PC/Mac. Allow the file to be opened in Excel and enable editing. Fill out the form and save to your hard-drive and print the resulting form and send to the Entries Secretary.

Adobe Reader

PDF files require Adobe Reader to open. Download a FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows or Mac OS.

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Erratum in the printed schedule..
Please check for updated details of Lectures and Workshops as there have been some changes since the Schedule was printed.

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