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Pollination by bees is important for genetic sustainability. It's estimated that beekeeping services contribute over £650m to the UK economy alone*. The harvest from honey bees of honey, pollen, wax and propolis has nutritional, craft, manufacturing, and medical applications.

89th National Honey Show

The National Honey Show is the Premier International Honey Show attracting exhibits from all over the World, together with a lecture convention, workshop programme and trade show. The Honey Show is now in its 89th year and is amongst the top events supporting beekeepers in the UK.


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The Show’s principle objectives are:

  1. To showcase the work of the honey bee: Honey - Beeswax - Mead - Baking - Crafts - Photography. Classes attract exhibits from around the world and includes classes for juniors and schools
  2. Education: All levels of beekeepers from juniors to seniors, beginners to experts can gain knowledge and acquire skills through an extensive lecture and workshop programme, which supports the on-going sustainability of honey bees as pollinators

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Filming and production of Keynote Speaker Lectures, which are posted on the internet and are free to beekeepers worldwide as part of our outreach commitment to furthering honey bee education
  • Speaker and Lecturers, including transport and accommodation
  • Production and distribution of the Show programme
  • AV Services for lectures and workshops
  • Venue Hire
  • Sticky Festival - educational activities for children

Sticky Festival - educational activities for children

The National Honey Show attracts over 3000 visitors over the 3 days and is entirely run by volunteers. A core team of 15 people run the Show, with over 150 others helping on show days, set up and clearing away. Planning for the Show never stops, as soon as one has finished, work starts on the next.

Sponsorship is needed to help keep the Show in its current venue and to maintian the highest educational standards. Lecturers, judges and workshop leaders are invited from across the globe, their flights, accommodation and fees are necessary expenses that need to be covered.

The quality of the Show attracts exhibitors and visitors from around the World who come to learn new skills and techniques. Many are not able to visit the Show, to support them and beekeepers around the world, the lectures are filmed and produced for viewing on the internet. 2019 included the filming of the novice beekeepers lectures and there are plans for the filming of the research lectures. The filming and post production of the lectures is expensive and support for these costs is appreciated.

Other areas of financial support that would help us run the Show include AV costs, venue hire, support for events for children, prize money, and trophy engraving.

We would also appreciate support with marketing and advertising expertise as well as accountancy and financial advice.

If you are interested in learning more, would like to sponsor or attend of our events, please contact Bob Maurer, or telephone 07740 707500.

Reference: * University of Reading, June 2015.

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