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National Honey Show

Lecture convention

Lecture Convention 2023

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All last years main lectures can be viewed on YouTube from Lecture Videos.

There is no booking for lectures, seats are available on a first come first served bases.

Please be aware that National Honey Show Members and those with a daily admission ticket can attend lectures and book into Workshops.

The lecture programme may change for a variety of reasons. Substitutions may have a different topic from that intended and with a different speaker.

Main Lecture Programme

Gold Cup Suite

Thursday 24 October
9.30 Martin Giurfa: “From learning, memory and neurons: a journey to the cognitive world of honey bees”
11.00 Sean Stephenson: “Microscopy and Beekeeping”
12.30 Nigel Semmence: “Asian hornet – current situation in UK in 2024”
14.30 Phil Stevenson: “Sex, Drugs and Pollinator Health”
16.00 Jacques van Alphen: “Natural selection, selective breeding, and the evolution of resistance of honeybees against Varroa”

Friday 25 October
9.30 Martin Giurfa: “Honey bee pheromones: new discoveries and unsuspected roles”
11.00 Steve Riley: “The Honey Bee Solution to Varroa”
14.00 Alan Baxter: “Fit2Fight – A Practical System for Managing the Asian Hornet”
16.00 Jacques van Alphen: “The paradox of the old queen leaving”

Saturday 26 October
9.15 Jacques van Alphen: “Why the bees are dying, a forgotten cause”
10.45 Thomas O’Shea-Wheller: “VespAI: Applying Deep Learning to the Detection of Invasive Hornets”
13.15 Dan Etheridge: “The Tropilaeplaps mite”
14.45 Roger Patterson: “A reflection on over 60 years in the craft”

Saturday 26 October
Beginner’s Programme

Solario Suite

9.30 Martin Smith: “Bee Diseases Insurance – Providing insurance and research for the beekeeping community”
11.15 James Donaldson: “What’s that bit for?”
13.15 Emma and David Buckley: “Swarm management for beginners using nucleus hives”
14.45 Steve Riley: “Transitioning off miticide treatments towards having Varroa resistant bees”

More to follow when available..

Quick links: Main Programme, Newer Beekeepers Programme, Bee Craft Programme, Download Schedule, Workshop Booking, FAQs.

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