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National Honey Show

2024 National Honey Show

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The next National Honey Show is Thursday 24th to Saturday 26th October 2024 at Sandown Park.

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Competitive Classes
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Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal visited and opened the Centenary Show in 2023

See a montage of her visit, meeting traders, looking at workshops, examining entries in the Show including the Juniors classes, meeting the judges, giving a short speech to open the Show and planting a Centenary tree to mark the occasion in the grounds at Sandown Park.

A very warm welcome to the Centenary of the National Honey Show

Bob Maurer, Chairman of the National Honey Show

It’s going to be a really special event. We have come a long way since our first show at Crystal Palace in 1923 and we should take a moment to think about the many amazing and dedicated people who have delivered great shows over the years. Too many to mention here but you can read about them in our publication, ‘A Short History of the National Honey Show’, available to download from our website.

We have reflected the centenary in some of our existing classes, but we’ve also added special centenary classes which replicate some you would have found in the early years. There are pictures in the schedule to inspire you!

A couple to watch are the shop window display (great prize money on offer) and the amazing ‘decorative honeycomb’. Have a look at the pictures – it’s astonishing what our predecessors achieved. Stunning miniature versions of a shop window and bees persuaded to produce incredible shapes in wax comb. Can we match them? These would be great classes for Beekeeping associations to have a go at as a group.

Our overseas visitors requested a class for honey with nuts. This is a popular decorative product in the Middle East and of course we are delighted to oblige. In the 1920’s there was a class for observation hives. Back then the show was at a different time of year so, whilst we have reintroduced it, we are only looking for annotated photographs of frames so your bees can remain tucked up in their hives.

We have a great speaker line up and do look out for our exhibition of bee photography from French photographer Eric Tourneret, both inside and outside the building. This is a ‘one off’ and not to be missed. These pictures are not only stunning, but they are also enormous!

As always, we are grateful for the fantastic support we receive from our traders and the sponsorship we receive from the Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers, beekeeping associations and individuals. We couldn’t run the show without the support you give us. Thank you so much and please keep the support and sponsorship coming – especially this year as we are adding all sorts of ‘extras’ to enhance your enjoyment – they all cost money!

You will notice that we have split the Schedule of Classes and the Programme of Events for the Beekeepers Autumn Convention, Workshops and Trade Show into two booklets this year. We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to have time to prepare for the Show, particularly for the centenary classes.

As every show insider knows to say, ‘see you at the National!’

Bob Maurer

Future Dates and Venue for future National Honey Shows
Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th October 2025 at Sandown Park.

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