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National Honey Show

Honey Judging

Guidance for Exhibitors

National Honey Show guidance for exhibitors 2019.

Entry Fees

The appropriate entry fee is stated at the beginning of each section, but please note the following exemptions from the rules. Wherever possible, these should be paid by BACS. Payments of less than £5 should be paid by BACS or by cash at the Show. See the Entry Form for full instructions.

Overseas Exhibitors may pay their subscriptions and entry fees in Sterling at the show to save on currency charges. Any prize money will be paid in Sterling. It is regretted that any cups awarded may not leave the British Isles.


Judges expect the “National” high standard of exhibit and will make or withhold awards accordingly. The Judges’ referee will advise on any queries arising from the results.


1lb squat jars of both the screw and twist lid, 12oz and 8oz jars (for some classes) are accepted by the Show. The twist lids are not as deep as the screw ones and even when the jar is filled to the required volume, there can be an air gap between the top of the honey and the bottom of the lid. In order for the judges to know that the jar has the correct weight, all jars should be filled to at least the “fill line”.


A few exhibits are marked down by the judges because of incipient granulation. Exhibitors are advised to use a torch to examine their entries to ensure clarity of the exhibits.


New exhibitors are advised to consult any relevant NHS Publications.

Units of Measurement and Dimensions

Imperial measurements are to the nearest practical equivalent of Metric. Exhibitors will have the advantage where there are slight discrepancies between the two scales.


To be displayed flat. After judging these will be mounted by the stewards on a fixed base which will be provided by and remain the property of the National Honey Show. No colouring allowed unless the class states it is permissible.

Delivery and Staging of Exhibits

When you arrive at the hall, you will find that tables have been provided near the entrance to enable you to unpack your exhibits and do any final “touching up”. However, it is not recommended that lids are changed to avoid exposing honey to the atmosphere of the hall. You must then collect your entry form from the Entries Secretary and take it and your entries to the reception tables where they will be checked in against your entry form and passed to a steward. Except for specific classes indicated in the schedule, all exhibits are staged by stewards who will be wearing cotton gloves whilst handling them. Any wooden or metal box in which exhibits are brought to the Show may be stored on the premises, but any cardboard boxes must be taken away.


Prize money, vouchers and prize cards will normally be available for collection from the cashier’s desk from the second day of the show. Winners of cups and trophies are advised that these must be properly cared for whilst in their possession. They are not insured by the Show.

Points Awards

Points for the Smallholder Shield and other cups and trophies are calculated on the following basis: 1st, 6 points; 2nd, 5 points; 3rd, 4 points; 4th and VHC, 3 points; HC, 2 points; C, 1 point.

Changes to Schedule

▲This symbol indicates a new class or a change from last year’s schedule.

Also see Rules and Regulations and Competitive Classes.

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